The Travel Thailand Network (TTN) is a major sub section, its own network
of travel web domains if you will, of the Activelifestyle Travel Network (ATN).
TTN is made up of 42 domains, 2 which have been sold and three which are under offer. Each domain, either as a solo entry or as a complete network is
for sale. Each domain is priced differently.

All domains, as you see here, are directly related to Travel within and to Thailand. Some concentrate on activities that take place in different parts of Thailand. As a result they are perfectly targeted.
The Travel Thailand Network first registered sites for Travel to the Kingdom, beginning with Travel way back in March 1996. It followed that domains for Phuket as well as Bangkok, Pattaya and Thailandís great golf courses were registered shortly after. ATN is still registering today domains that aim perfectly at Thailand.

Do they all make money? There is no short, quick or glib answer. However together or alone the domains in no way live up to potential.

Income is derived from Google ads, our own advertising sales efforts and commission sales on accommodation. There can be vast improvement in all categories. Costs are amortized over the entire Activelifestyle Network so there is no particular way of pinning the cost of developing TTN down.

Thai Real Estate Domains  (7)

Thai Samui Domains (1)

Thai Pattaya Domains (3) *(Under offer)

Thai Bangkok Domains (4) ** (sold)

Thai Phuket Domains  (3)

Thai General Travel Domains (21)* (Under offer) * (Under offer)

Thai Health Care Domains